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Please note due to our high demand it is recommended to book your wedding date in advance with us. All enquiries can be forwarded to kenzooi@yahoo.com Please send your wedding day details via our booking page. We aim to respond to our clients within 7 days.

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Our team of Artists are all experienced, professional makeup artists . Having worked alongside each other on various fashion weeks, Magazines Fashion Photoshoot, International Beauty Pageant and runway shows. We can assure each of our Brides that the morning or afternoon of makeup will be relaxed and seamless. We can take care of large bridal parties.


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The Art Of Mehron Makeup Show Live @ Kuala Lumpur

Featuring Kenzooi

The art of Makeup Show live @ MEHRON Malaysia were successfully launch on 6 July 2015.  This show featuring Kenzooi as a master makeup artists to create fantastic stage performance makeup together with his teams.